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Each academic year, the Office of the Provost identifies a theme that unites the University of Pittsburgh community. The Office of the Provost has designated 2023-24 the Year of Discourse and Dialogue. This theme is relevant to all members of the University of Pittsburgh community.

Historically, higher education has been at the center of engagement around diverse viewpoints. At Pitt, we are part of an academic community in which we can all challenge ideas, seek truth, create new knowledge, and examine our assumptions. Our classrooms, residence halls, conference rooms, libraries, and all spaces welcome myriad political viewpoints, and array of religious and spiritual beliefs, theoretical assumptions, and philosophical stances.

An academic community that values discourse and dialogue, supports the growth of our capacity for critical inquiry and discourse, when we all aim to engage in good faith and with compassion, listen to understand, interrogate our own bias, and seek common good that will strengthen all of us.  

The Year of Discourse and Dialogue offers an opportunity to engage collectively on a broad range of ideas, programs, experiences, and opportunities to leverage the unique capacities of our University and advance learning. There is much that we can learn, share, and build together in the coming year that will support not just our university, but also contribute to conversations and actions more broadly.